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Riser Safety Grates Can Help Save Lives

Orenco's non-corroding polypropylene riser safety grates rest on the ledge at the bottom of an access riser to help prevent people or tools from falling into a tank. They are sized to fit Ultra-Rib™, Perma-Loc™, Kor-Flo™, and equivalent risers.

Grates help protect curious children and careless adults from falling into a riser if the lid is broken or left unfastened. They're also helpful to service providers, who can rest filters or other components on the grate inside the riser and hose them off.

Orenco's riser safety grates are easy to install and remove and fit most brands of ribbed PVC profile pipe. They can also be installed in the bottom of a valve box to prevent soil buildup. Grates to fit 12-, 18-, 21-, 24-, and 30-in. risers are available.

Properly installed, the Riser Safety Grate rests on the tank flange. (Cutaway riser and cutaway grate shown for display purposes.)

Orenco strongly recommends that tanks be equipped with riser safety grates to help prevent accidental tank entry.